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Blinksteady lights

It’s pretty nifty  how these lights are using accelerometers to enhance their design.  With the ability to tell when you’re moving coupled with knowing when it is dark the Blinksteady light automagically turns on, which means no more awkward mid-ride stretching to turn on that light under your seat or on your back.  The mounting bracket is a solid ring that goes around your seatpost.  While this requires you to remove and replace your seatpost to install it, their hope is that you’ll never have another stolen tail light.  The final new and noteworthy feature is that depending on how you’ve flipped the light, it will either blink or shine steadily, so it has NO BUTTONS!

Check out their site:

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Another Kickstarter project- along the same lines of the Lazer Urbanize.

I like the idea of having integrated lights for safety- though for real illumination of the road ahead- a more powerful bar or helmet mount would likely be necessary.

Thanks Mike D!


DIY Wednesday- bullet style LED light

I guess I was punk once…

Not only with the dyed black mohawk held up by Elmer’s glue and the general disdain for authority, but in the sew your own clothes and organize skillshares kind of way.  I’ve always liked DIY projects and love to see ingenuity in action.

I’ve been using $5 LED flashlights from hardware stores as an alternative to $25 headlights that are “bike specific” for a while.  The mounting system is the hardest part to make well.  I had it pretty dialed on my rain bike until some jerk kid twisted it off.  I saw him take it and we had a little “one-on-one” discussion about it.  He gave it back to me, and hopefully will rethink his plan in stealing things off a bike that looks like it is owned by some scrawny old man….  but I digress.

Came across this little project while going down the rabbit hole of bike things on the internet.  It may have even sparked enough interest in me to post a DIY project a week… any interest in that?

As we settle into fall and the darkness comes quicker- lights become an important part of cycling.  Bike lights are usually all plastic and don’t have much class.  If you are riding a fendered steel bike and like to have something a little different, this may be for you…

Take this:

Add this:

Do this:

Get this:

Not too bad at all.  This LED flashlight is very similar to one that I’ve been using- great battery life, solid construction, and hackable.  It’s brightness is more to be seen than to see, but on city streets, that is sure better than nothing.  For a few dollars in supplies (far less than a $25 headlight) you can get something that you made yourself, has character, and is best of all, effective.  The addition of a quick release would be a good idea if you want to put some more effort into it.

Read the whole how to on The Bicycle Safari.