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Carbon is a material that few folks are just “OK” with.  Many have strong opinions.  They love it or hate it.  Sure- it’s expensive, when it fails it’s usually catastrophic, and there are a lot of people that don’t like it because it just seems too modern.  Well, that’s fine for them, but there are also those that love the look and ride feel of carbon, myself included.  Well now there are some fully custom handmade carbon bikes being offered by Argonaut.  Based in Portland, with facilities in the state of Washington (White Salmon to be exact,) Argonaut is doing some amazing things.

Argonaut is down at NAHBS, which of course I wish I could attend- and I’m excited to see what they come up with next because a little bird told me that it’s going to be awesome.  They are a brand to watch for sure.  Keep it up guys.  Here are some snapshots from their lookbook that Brian Vernor shot for them and that they brought to Denver with them.

A digital version of the book that was shot by Vernor and put together by Brian and David from Wilderness will be available March 5th.


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Jake Ryder and his freak bikes

Jake is a rad dude- I met him when he lived in Seattle.  He now resides in Portland and is doing great things for freak bikes there.  I’ve been on rides that he’s had his music bakfiet on and I can say it brings the party up a notch. Yay bikes!

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Portland Bike Girls 2013 calendar

Last year Pedal Fresh had the Bike Boys of Portland calendar.  This year they got the ladies involved.  So if you like to adorn your walls and plan your days around pretty people- all while supporting a great project- be on the lookout for it’s release!

Check out



Traveling from Seattle to Portland and wanting to do it on the cheap?  BoltBus looks like the hot ticket.

I’m not really sure how it works, but the fare fluctuates.  You can travel between the two cities for $1-15 each way though and that’s pretty sweet.  You can even bring a bike as baggage (if room allows and you can carry the rest of your gear in a carry on.)

From the sounds of it they have a fair amount of legroom, free WiFi and electric outlets.

Hot damn.

Just keep in your idea box for ways to get from SEA to PDX.

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This weekend in Portland: Filmed By Bike!

Spring in the Northwest.  Trees budding, flowers blooming, bikes coming out of hibernation and we ready ourselves for Filmed By Bike.  I had the good fortune to sit on the jury this year.  The lady and I are preparing the housetruck and will be setting sail to Portland for the festivities.  Though I will likely miss the ride with Gary, I hope that some of his dapperness rubs off on me as I stalk him through the crowd at the street party.  We will be there on bikes, looking for trouble good times.  We shall live the dream of the nineties, eat brunch, ride bikes, wax poetic about this and that, ride bikes, drink bottomless mimosas and see some fun movies.  Maybe we’ll see you there?

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Next weekend in PDX: Mini Bike Winter 2012

Here is the schedule:



 .: Thursday February 16th :.

  •  Craft night
    • Family Bomb will continue to craft night
      • Location will be posted closer to the event

 .: Friday February 17th :.

  •  Bike Smut
    • Rev Phil’s back with more Bike Porn at Clinton Street Theater – 2522 SE Clinton – 6:45PM

    • Ride leaves after Bike Porn to the Dropout Ride
  • Dropout Bike Ride
    • Meets at Colonel Sumners Park – SE 20th & Belmont – 9:00PM
    • Tall Tour Strictly Dance Party
    • Covered end location

 .: Saturday February 18th :.

  •  Brunch
    • Location TBA
  •  Sprockettes
    • Sprockettes will preform before Chariot Wars
  • Chariot Wars
    • More info soon
  • After Party
    • Fashion Show, Silent Auction, Raffle, Sexy Time Story Telling, Bands, DJs, FUN!
    • More info soon

.: Sunday February 19th :.

  • Mini Bike Winter Olympics
    • Meets on Mt Tabor – Noon
    • Bike Bowling with a new & improved ramp, MiniCrotch Race
    • Continues to the CupCake Challenge on the waterfront
  • Mini Crit
    • Location TBA – 7:00PM
  •  Badass Challenge
    • Meets at the Zoobomb Pyle – 8:30PM
    • Can you make your way up the hill without the Max first?
    • 16″ bike, no frame mods, single speed, no clipless/cages
  •  Tour Da Bomb
    • Meets at the Zoobomb Pyle – 8:30PM
    • Mini Bike Race, Freak Bike Race, Skate Race, Gravity Bike Race
    • Family Bomb

.: Monday February 20th :.

  •  Monday Funday?
    • Meets at Colonel Sumners Park

Info from the Zoobomb board, where more updates can be found.

Need a place to stay? Check here.

Follow Zoobomb for Mini Bike Winter updates: @zoobombpdx
Unsure of what Mini Bike Winter consists of:

This event is NOT sponsored by Cascade Bicycle Club.