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This Thursday in NYC

If I was in NYC- you damn well bet that I wouldn’t miss this.  It’s like the meeting of amazing all at the Bushwick Country Club.  And though there is a really funky smell at the Bushwick Country Club- they are open till 4am- have cheap drinks, and mini golf in the back.  And it’s all for Monster Track.  Booyah.

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Tapeworm Time Trial #6

Time again for another grueling Tapeworm Time Trial.

This is the 6th installment of the Tapeworm TT. An individual TT that takes you through this legendary local cross country trails that twist and turn like no other trial. This 5.8mi loop has it all, downhill section, uphill climb, rocks, roots and lots of logs to maneuver over. Pre-ride is at 11am and Races start at Noon. BBQ & beer to follow. This will be Rain or shine, 15 bucks…

Check out the Facebook invite

Alley Cat Racing

Lost Summer- 9/4

Hey Seattle!  Think your summer is all but lost- there is an alleycat on September 4th where all who mourn it’s passing can come out, race bikes, and revel in the fact that we have a long wet winter ahead of us…

Meet at Volunteer Park (I assume by the donut statue) at 2pm on 9/4

Race at 3pm.  $5 entry.

If you’re in town, get down!  Glad to see people throwing races!


Alley Cat Racing

West Side is the best side.


Another year, another West Side Invite. There have been 10 in total, nine of them taking place in Seattle’s dirty little secret…. Portland. If you didn’t make it this year, then you won’t be getting any more chances. The organizers put 2010 together because of their love for the Invite, the messenger community, and because they are a bunch of sickos that like to watch messengers and racers ride till they puke, then drink till they puke- for not one, but 3 days. But they’ve had it. Putting on events is difficult- and involving the messenger community can be something like herding cats. Rabid, angry, drunken cats. The forum on Saturday offered other cities an opportunity to put in a bid to host something next year (Something under a different name) Vancouver showed up and took it home (they wanted it this year, but PDX wanted to back after SEA hosted last year.)

Rob K picked me up on his way through town and down we went. It took an hour longer than usual to get to PDX, the foul weather making for poor visibility. Getting to town in the early evening, we made a trip to Hopworks Urban Brewery, one of my new favorite places in Portland. It was then off to a McMenamin’s (one of the more over rated brew pubs in the NW, in my opinion) to meet up with the Chicago and Philly crowd. Then the group ride to registration at the Ash St. Saloon. The D&D alleycat left from there- with an afterparty at B-Side.

My bike had a little too much to drink, so I was taking it back to the spot we were staying. I got a little too close to a car that was parked right in my trajectory. By a little too close I mean my bar end may have clipped it. Not a big deal really, and something that could have quite possibly been ridden out- except for the fact that my fork sheared off.


Some say Carbon Fiber fails “catastrophically.” My experience is that it’s more of a “Whoopsie Daisy.” Sure, I fell. But I didn’t hit my head, face or anything else important. It honestly couldn’t have happened at a more opportune time. A few weeks ago I was bombing down Roosevelt and bunnyhopped a pothole. I landed a little off and the bike felt really funny. I just kept riding and didn’t stop to look at what might be the problem. Saturday morning as I sat with my fork in three pieces, I sat looking at my broken bike and I remembered that soft landing. One of the fork blades was pulled clean out, while the carbon was torn on the other. My thought is that landing funny on that fateful day in May- my fork was compromised. I’ve got hindsight like British Petroleum- 20/80.

Well boys and girls- I would make a recommendation that if you have a feeling that your carbon fork is going to fail, take a look at it. Saturday morning I stopped by the City Bikes Co-op and Buggy took care of me by installing a used steel fork on my ride. Yeah, I could have got another carbon fork, and if I picked one up today- it would likely be carbon. But the day after was a little too soon- I just couldn’t get back on that horse.

Back in the saddle, but having missed the Coffee Cat, skid tricks and trick competition we met up with the group ride as they headed for Mt. Tabor and uphill sprints. Tyler Johnson took the hill sprints, surprising the hell out of anyone that hasn’t seen Tyler sprint. The sprints were short, about 200m- with a slight uphill grade. Tyler was likely written off as a “hipster trick kid” as they pulled up to the start line. (PS Tyler races BMX and isn’t too shabby either, from what I hear) His low gearing and hunger for the win brought him in at first place.

The evening festivities included roller sprints- and Ari took first place for the women! She has now won enough parts from sprints to almost build a complete bike (including her Raleigh track frame) After that- we made some rounds to some of the classiest places in PDX. I will say that Portland likely contains the most clear platform heels, per capita in all of the US.

Sunday was the main race- a four hour race ending at Rose City Park. I met up at the finish- and got to some of the riders heading in. Damien came in with first for the track- having pushed it so hard he was unable to stand. There was some serious athletes in PDX and at the awards ceremony at Someday Lounge, the prizes were awarded.

Of course I didn’t write anything down when it came to who won what. The best I can remember:

Omnium: Dave and Christina (CHI) tied for Omnium, and it was settled by thumb wrestling. Dave took it home.

King of Track: Damien (PDX)

Queen of Track: No women did ANY side events- therefore there was not a QoT. Bummer.

Uphill Sprints: Tyler Johnson (SEA)

Jack-Assery: Corndog was holding it down for Team Shit Show and blew everyone else out of the water when it came to Jack-assery

Roller Sprints: Ari (SEA) for the women, and…. uh…. I can’t remember who took it for the men’s race?

Monday was spent watching the polo tourney, but after a long weekend, we left before the finals took place. All in all, the West Side Invite was a hoot, but damn, I’m glad it only took place once a year.

I want to give a HUGE shout out to all the organizers for this year’s WSI. They really brought it together into something that became a staple in many people’s year. I’ve got lots of respect for all those involved. Also many thanks to the sponsors, the participants, and to the stripper that danced to “Sexy Sexy Bicycle” by Mad Rad.

Rob took some amazing photos and almost unbelievably, they are already up for your viewing pleasure at his Flickr Page.


Next year- be on the lookout for something from Vancouver. They know what’s up when it comes to races.

Get your passports now.

(If you were wondering if the t-shirt above has an image of two gentlemen shirt-cocking and sword fighting on it… the answer is yes)

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Race Day!

It’s windy, it’s cold- and you could very well be caught in some rain showers today.  But you’ve also waited all year for it.  The Resurrection.  Get up, get some coffee in you, and we’ll see you at registration which starts at 2pm.  Race at 3.  Don’t be late- because at three o’clock sharp- the race starts- if you aren’t there it will be just like The Rapture and your ass will be left behind.  Just sayin’.

Check out the sponsors.  We’ve got some great ones this year, and you don’t want to miss out.

Check back for race results and photos.  Thanks for playing.

Alley Cat Racing, GO MEANS GO events

Are you ready for the Resurrection?

This Saturday in Seattle is going to be a race of biblical proportions.  Winner gets crucified and the losers get stoned to death!  Fun for everyone!


In all seriousness- because I take things very seriously… This Saturday, the Resurrection III will be going down.

  • Meet at Cal Anderson Park on Capital Hill
  • Register at 2pm $5 to race
  • Bring a bag a lock and a pen.
  • Helmets highly encouraged
  • Race at 3pm SHARP
  • Afterparty to follow

If you have been to one of the first 2 Resurrection Races, you know it’s a good time.  The Resurrection has had pretty much the same crew putting it together for the past three years.  It’s something of a tradition.  We’ve got some great prizes this year and Seagull for the second year running has donated a stellar bag that really shows how good they are at what they do.


It’s anyones race this year, and I’m excited to see who takes home this bag.

Thanks to all our sponsors:

Seagull Bags | Recycled Cycles | Responsible Jon’s Deluxe Powdercoating | Alki Beach Tattoo
Lighthouse Roasters | ZLOG | The Kids Are all Wrecked | Go Means Go | Urban Velo

Alley Cat Racing

Corndog’s 10 year tenure

This Monday February 15th is Presidents day.  Corndog is throwing a race to commemorate his 10 years as a messenger.  Come out and race.  It’s during the day- so if you work, call in sick.  There will be Corndogs, beer, and prizes by Dank Bags.


Feb 15th.

Registration: 11am Above the Pornshop at Mobius- 1016 1st. – Alley entrance.

Race @ 1pm

Five US Dollars

I scanned in the color version of the flier- then flubbed it up by saving over it- so I copped a B&W version of it over at Pilderwasser