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On the Cheap Reviews Pt. 1–Use Protek, son!




(Disclaimer: The lawyers told me to inform the readers that this is not a sponsored product endorsement. I am not sponsored by any brand, manufacturer or other type of equipment company. I buy all of the gear, products and parts I review with my own monies. My reviews and opinions are solely my own and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of GoMeansGo or any other sane people who may be reading this.)

To piggyback on Ryan’s recent article, Tire Repair 101, sometimes you have to say “uncle” and give into buying new tires.

Tires are probably the most expensive consumable in cycling…right behind massive quantities of micro-brewed IPA’s.

Historically, the cycling masses have been indoctrinated  into thinking they need ultra thin, ultra skinny, ultra light racing tires on their road bikes, regardless of their riding style or environment. After all, we’re all aspiring to win the next Tour, despite the facts that we’re pushin’ 40 and just commuting to our soulless desk jobs at big corporations.


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Fyxation 35’s

Whoa Nelly.

The Fyxation 35’s are now available.  I’ve rode the 28’s for quite a while and love them.  If you are running bigger tires, you should really check them out.  Available at the Fyxation store for $39.95


Fyxation 23’s!

Got an email from the folks over at Fyxation saying that their 23c tires are finally shipping!  I rode the 28’s for a few months and liked them a lot.  They aren’t designed for skidding, but their dual compound tires offer a strip of a harder rubber down the middle that make them more resilient for the occasional whipskid.


Pick them up HERE